Custom Made PVC Windows with a 20 Year Warranty Choosing the right windows will greatly affect your home’s look, as well as the energy efficiency and safety of your home. We offer a large variety of window styles and types.  There is a lot of competition in the field of windows...
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Doors and Garden Doors from Prairie Dog Construction can lower energy costs, reduce noise, and filter out 99% of UV rays that cause fading to drapes and furniture.  Our doors are custom made insulated steel doors.  We also offer custom sizing for really...
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Canadian made vinyl siding with a 50-year warranty complete with insulation. Bump up the curb appeal of your home with premium vinyl siding. Prairie Dog offers a variety of premium vinyl siding in a wide range of colours; from bold to natural, to standard. They've got a shade and colour...
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Vented soffits & custom made vinyl coated baked enamel fascia Beautify the appearance of your home with vented soffits and custom made fascia.  Soffit cladding has been popular for over 50 years. Originally the idea was just to eliminate having to paint, but...
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The proper siding insulation is important for any home.  At Prairie Dog, we ensure that the insulation we use is designed to be non-structural sheathing for any cavity wall, stud wall or cathedral ceiling construction. It is an air barrier with a high water vapour...
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Custom Medal Cladding to Wood Window Frames & Opener Plus Door Frames Include New Weather Strips, Glass & Cranks if Needed. If you are looking to improve the appearance of your home, adding custom made vinyl coated cladding to wood windows and door frames is a great idea. ...
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Insulated basement skirtingCuts down one of the biggest energy loss areas in your house Did you know that a significant loss of energy comes from your basement?  We provide insulated basement skirting that not only reduces energy loss but also improves the look of your home.